Complete Digital Protection with
Cyber Security &
Privacy Solutions

CyberKick develops privacy and security products that protect sensitive
information, identity, privacy, and assets from prying eyes.
We focus our solutions on ensuring people everywhere are digitally safe when connecting online.

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Cyber ​​attacks every day


Increase in cyberattacks
from 2020 to 2021

$4.24 M

Average cost
of a data breach


Increase in IoT
malware attacks

Cyber Security Starts with Prevention & Mitigation

Cyberattacks are inevitable, but you can take steps to protect yourself against them.

Preparation is the most effective form of prevention, and having the right security and privacy solutions in place can reduce the attack’s chances of success as well as the potential damage an attack can cause.

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47% of Americans

experienced financial identity theft in 2020

9 in 10 Americans

encountered a fraud attempt in the past year

Advanced Security

In today’s digital world, cybersecurity is just as important as a lock on your door. We create security solutions that work behind the scenes to protect your devices, data, and identity.

Privacy Protection

Browse freely and anonymously without exposing your sensitive data or browsing activity to hackers, advertisers, and other third-party companies.

Easy to Use

We believe that effective security and privacy solutions should be easy to use without requiring advanced technical knowledge or compromising your usual browsing experience.

Powered By CyberKick’s Privacy and Security Cloud

CyberKick’s best-of-class privacy and security cloud service identifies threats on consumers in real-time, blocking them before they can harm or infect the user.

Why US?

CyberKick develops advanced security and privacy solutions with the goal of enabling safe and secure environments for users online.


We strongly believe that prevention is key – that is why our products are built on identifying the traps that can lead to a potential future cyber attack, thus we are using prevention on the internet gateway access level. We aim to provide intuitive products that anyone can use without requiring any specific technical skills.


Thinking about securing your computer?
We can help

Browsing Cybersecurity

Browsing the web can be full of dangers, with hackers, suspicious websites, and pop-ups waiting to exploit your network's vulnerabilities. Having the right security solutions in place can protect your network from potential threats, no matter where they originate. We allow you to browse worry-free and interruption-free by providing reliable and effective security solutions.

Browsing Cybersecurity
Browsing Cybersecurity
Browsing Cybersecurity

Consumer Privacy solution

Protect your privacy and ensure your online activities are kept from prying eyes with the most advanced privacy solutions. Hackers, advertisers, and even your internet service provider will all attempt to collect your personal information and monitor your browsing activity. Our solutions allow you to browse peacefully and privately, and ensure your information and browsing activities remain private.

Consumer Privacy solution
Consumer Privacy solution
Consumer Privacy solution